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Favor Network Services, LLC, is a digital age company talented in video production and streaming media technologies. We create and deliver web-based, business-to-business communication solutions (internal as well as external).

We provide our clients with a one-stop solution to their video production and streaming needs by consulting at every level of the process. We create broadcast-quality, strategic solutions for our clients 24/7.

Get all the technical information at the favormediaproductions site.

Favor offers a single source for developing and delivering broadcast-quality audio, video, and multimedia to the web. Whether the message is pre-recorded, live, on location, set in our virtual studio, or re-purposed from existing material, we expertly coordinate each step of the production process. The nature of video over the Internet is dynamic in its ability to be updated at any time. Below is a list of some of the services and products we provide:

  • End-to-end video production and delivery consulting
  • Event capturing
  • Content management
  • Secure webcasting
  • Live webcasting
  • Video-on-demand
  • Viewer tracking
  • Multi-site coordination
  • Encoding in various formats
  • Administration


We capture your message by creating the outline, script, and ultimately the imagery to support what your company is trying to communicate.

Consulting is one of the most important things that we can do for your company, for one simple reason: it saves you time and money. Because streaming media technology is a relatively new process, it's critical for you to understand how to use this technology to your greatest benefit.

At Favor, we have a team that works to understand your goals and objectives for offering streaming media. We have the expertise to assist in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your existing content.

You can rely on our expertise to direct you through the process and offer options that result in an engaging experience for the end user.


Once we understand your needs and objectives, we begin to create the content. Favor specializes in multimedia and interactive content that includes text, graphics, audio and video, delivered together in a streaming message to your desktop. We provide a turnkey solution for the production of your online message.

Our production team can acquire footage at your location or in our production facility. We can also re-purpose your existing footage and add voice-over talent and graphics to create a cost-effective, professional online presentation

Encoding is the process for preparing content for delivery on the Internet. Real-time encoding ensures the timely delivery of your product.

To accommodate a wide Internet audience that is often comprised of a variety of connection speeds, a unique speed detection file is created that relates to a specific range of bit rates (optimized for a range of connection speeds). As in other phases of production, Favor combines art and science throughout the encoding process in an effort to achieve the optimum file size, while preserving the visual and audio integrity of the content.

Favor offers affordable hosting services to deliver your content to the internet efficiently with the highest quality. Our established delivery network can easily handle your streaming media, making it available to viewers using multiple platforms, browsers, and bandwidth. We contract with the best in the industry to ensure the highest quality stream regardless of geographic location.

Through state-of-the-art technology, "last-mile" sensitivities, and years of mission-critical experience, Favor’s hosting options empower customers with advanced capabilities to play, manage, and monitor audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet.

Our unique services integrate the industry's most popular formats, including RealNetwork's RealMedia, Microsoft's Windows Media, Apple's QuickTime Media, MP3, and Java Streaming, with robust online management tools to provide customers with a level of simplicity and features unparalleled in the industry



Through the distribution phase, we deliver your message live or on-demand.

On demand means we acquire the footage, create the finished piece, and distribute it for you, through a link that can be sent via email or one that resides on your site.  The user clicks on the link and is taken to a lobby page to see the streamed message.

The live production option is a dynamic process. If any element of the content changes, we can literally pull the piece off the server and re-edit where needed.  We then put the corrected version back up on the server, with a minimum of down time.

With our detailed tracking and reporting system, you can be assured important messages such as compliance, crisis management, culture, HR, distance learning, and others reach your designated audience quickly and effectively, and with measurable results.  Based on your needs, we can track and report on the number of viewers along with their geographic locations, business entity, etc.


Favor offers three levels of support to fit your needs and budget:

Level 1:  We work closely with clients to help them become more comfortable with the new technologies of streaming media.

Level 2:  We provide support via the Internet and email to help with functionality and user issues.

Level 3:  We offer a dedicated provider with a toll-free help line.


TEL: 540.899.6870 FAX: 540.899.6871